Post number one

Yes, I am a creative title writer.

This is mainly a sort of test post, but I will go ahead and give you a brief idea of what this blog will be about.

I am a licensed Naturopathic Physician in Portland, OR with a passion for Health at Every Size (R) and a weight neutral approach to health. The current climate of fat phobia and the “War on Obesity” have had a detrimental effect on the mental and physical health of people of all sizes, not the major reduction of obesity that has been hoped for when the “war” started. I am also a proponent of size/body acceptance. My focus tends to be on helping people who are fat navigate in a world that stigmatizes them daily, but I also see so many people ranging from very thin to very fat being affected by the push to have an unattainable, “perfect” body. Size/body acceptance affects us all.

This blog will be attached to my practice website and I will discuss health issues here, however, I intend for this to be a mix of health information and, most importantly, size activism.

Comments will be moderated because I want this to be a safe place for anyone to go and get good information. Reasonable, respectful comments that disagree with what I have said may be published, but that is entirely up to my discretion. 


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  1. You’re off to a great start! Will look forward to seeing the blog develop. Have you signed the HAES Pledge, joined the registry? Check out And do consider joining the HAES professional organization, ASDAH ( if you’re not already a member. Hope to see more of you in the virtual community…

  2. ExtraOrdinaryone

    Amazing, we need more blogs like this in the word that dehumanizes one of the most stigmatized groups of people on the planet.

  3. I plan on being a regular visitor here…. and looking forward to it! 🙂

  4. This is super, to see a naturopath advocating size acceptance. I have a naturopath/nurse practitioner to thank for finally treating my undiagnosed 40-year hypothyroidism, but now I am concerned about seeing a naturopath again because of the sense I get that natural desiccated thyroid makes them nervous. (Had to pressure first naturopath to increase dosage from 1 to 2 grains [at which time my swollen thyroid finally shrank to normal size]; when I contacted a new naturopath recently, she seemed shocked I was taking 3 grains, which is not at all an outlandish dose, so I got nervous and cancelled my appointment.)

    Also, you mentioned Freakonomics in your FFF post; it sounds like a great book, and I’m assuming you’d recommend it.

    • Elizabeth: I am surprised that a naturopath would be nervous about using desiccated thyroid, unless you are getting it from a source that is not standardized, like Armour. As far as dosing goes, everyone is different and dosing will be dependent on how the patient feels, but also very dependent on blood tests. Please be sure to keep having your thyroid monitored regularly because taking too much thyroid can be very dangerous.

      Freakonomics was a really interesting book, that I would recommend. I was disappointed in the weight podcast however, because I had hope that they would look at the “obesity crisis” in a new way, as they do with everything else. Aside from a couple of good points that were made by the people they interviewed, it did not deliver. That is what I plan to write about (should I manage to get to it today!)

  5. Thank you all for replying! I hope you enjoy what I write in the future!

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