As a naturopathic physician, health is an incredibly important topic for me. As a fat woman, the ability to live my life without stigma and pursue my health goals is equally important. Five years of medical school* taught me that there are still a great many assumptions about the connections between fat and health. The past three years, since I discovered Health at Every Size and Size Acceptance, have shown me the importance of divorcing weight and health, as well as the importance of people of all sizes being treated as competent human beings who are the best witnesses of their own experience.

The “war on obesity” has created a toxic environment for the body image of everyone. Modern living often creates a toxic environment for each of our physical bodies. It is my goal to help heal people within these toxic environments. Healthy habits rather than weight can go a long way toward eliminating dieting and weight cycling (generally seen as hurtful to the body). Counseling can help people recognize and remedy any disordered eating patterns as well as deal with the weight stigma they face daily. These ideas are covered by Health at Every Size.

Size Activism will help to reduce and reduce societal stigma against fat people, to eliminate the fear of fat that holds so many of us, fat and thin, back from living our full lives. It is my hope to use this blog to show people that their health is not dependent upon a number on a scale and that their bodies are beautiful, strong, and amazing regardless of size. I plan to include information about dieting, size acceptance, civil rights, healthy habits, and  whatever else supports the blog.

I also plan to moderate comments to keep this a safe place for people to get quality information.

My practice, Prism Natural Health Center, is currently located in Portland, Oregon and is accepting new patients.



*I graduated National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR. I am a licensed ND in Portland, OR. To further clarify my education, licensed NDs must complete a full bachelor’s degree, including pre-medical coursework. Then, the student must attend a 4 to 5 year in-residence, doctoral education at a CNME accredited naturopathic medical program that includes academic coursework and clinical training. After graduation, the student must complete a medical board examination, the NPLEX, to become a board certified licensed doctor in states that license naturopathic medicine. NDs also have a professional organization called the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP)


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